BD 9Q9

Date of appearance: 2017
Trademark: VG Line
Manufacturer: VG Line
Made in: Moscow, Russia
Weight: g
Tags: synthposium2017

The VG Line bass drum BD 9Q9. Totally analogue (100%) clone of legendary Roland TR-909 kick with wide range of settings, which original TR 909 doesn’t have. VG Line bass drum BD 9Q9 has powerful, magnificent sound, cutting through air of any dance floor and discotheques. This device is made for serious musicians, opening the new horizons of analog percussion sounding. It will be the nice addition in collection of those who own analog drums, drum machine and modules. It was made in Russia by well known master Vyacheslav Grigoriev. Desired MIDI Note can be set with DIP switch, which is located on the left side. There are two new functions have been added: one of them is a switcher to extend decay. It is typical for such music styles as trip-hop with long drum sounding. The second function is the pitch. Now the depth of the pitch can be up to 40-35 hz. The other way, you can make ultra-sound, reaching the infrasound. The number of copies is limited.

BD 9Q9