Pribore MDP101 Baby

MIDI Controller
Date of appearance: 2017
Trademark: Pribore Electronics
Made in: Zelenograd, Russia
Dimensions: 90 × 20 × 60 mm
Weight: 100 g
Materials: plastic body with metal knobs
Colors: black
Tags: synthposium2017

The Pribore MDP101 Baby connects to a computer or a phone via bluetooth, defined as a MIDI device. It has 2 assignable control knobs (Rotary Knob CC), 2 assignable keys (Button CC), 5 transport keys (Rewind, Stop, Play, Record, Loop), 1 angular acceleration sensor (accelerometer), for capturing emotions and expression (Motion Sensor), 1 battery for stand-alone operation, and a USB port for charging and connecting as a usb-midi device. Thanks to the angular acceleration sensor, you can record hand swings, brush rotation with the device, movement in SUV through the forest mud and any other actions that can express emotions for the selected MIDI parameter in the connected DAW, for example a filter. The device can be held in hand like a joystick, rotating the torsion, which are specially located at the edges. Can work both without a wire, and with it, when the device is on charge.

Pribore MDP101 Baby