Date of appearance: 2017
Trademark: Polivoks
Engineer: Alex Taber, Alex Pleninger
Made in: Moscow, Russia
Weight: g
Colors: black, white
Tags: synthposium2017

35 years after the release of the first model, the creator of Polivoks, Vladimir Kuzmin, decided to release an updated version, which already fell into the hands of many lucky people and, judging by the existing reviews, the legend has already returned. In the work on a modern embodiment, engineers Alex Pleninger and Alexey Taber took part. At the moment there are only 100 copies of the new Polivox and each of them is collected manually. Differences from the old version are enough: there is a compact size, as well as the lack of a keyboard. But in addition to this innovation, much more was added: superstable oscillators, the modulator's capabilities were significantly expanded, a ring modulator was added to the mixer, there is a positive feedback on the filter, and a pulse width modulation (PWM) was added to the second oscillator. In addition, notes and pitch-band are middled, the possibilities of connection with modern modular synthesizers are built in. But do not worry — under these innovations lies the very Polivox. Especially for all lovers of authenticity, the creators remind that each device is assembled to 85% of the original Soviet components.