P 38

Date of appearance: 1944
Trademark: Mauser
Manufacturer: Mauser
Made in: Germany
Weight: g
Barrel: 4 7/8 Inch Round
Gauge: 9 Mm Para
Tags: wwii

Manufactured in 1944 using a slide produced by Fabrique Nationale with a large hand-cut Walther "AC" code on the left; these slides are believed to have been originally intended as a Walther sub-contract item but instead bear Mauser's assigned Waffenamt code. Fixed sights, with the left side of the slide marked "P38" and "ac/44" ahead of the serial number, with matching numbers and a series of "eagle/swastika" and "eagle/WaA135" proofs on the components. The barrel is finished blue. A phosphate gray finish is on the slide and frame. With ribbed grips with a lanyard loop on the left side.

P 38