Vis 35

Date of appearance: 1939 — 1945
Weight: g
Barrel: 4 5/8 Inch Round
Gauge: 9 mm
Tags: wwii

Manufactured later in the Nazi occupation, when a certain amount of the production process was outsourced to Belgium to make it harder for Polish citizens to smuggle enough parts from the Radom factory to the Home Army and other underground groups to build complete pistols. Fixed sights, with the Radom address on the left side of the slide, "eagle/77" and "eagle/629" on multiple parts. The back strap slot and takedown catch are both properly absent, with matching numbers on the slide, frame, grip safety and barrel. The grips are "FB" and "VIS" marked. The holster is brown leather, and ink stamped "bnz 194(illegible)/P.35(p)" indicating manufacture by Steyr. Included with the grouping are a pair of capture certificates made out to Technical Sergeant Donald R. Stevenson by a Lieutenant with the 435th Fighter Squadron identifying this pistol by serial and patent numbers, as well as a photo album. This album tracks Stevenson's military career with the U.S. Army Air Corps from being accepted in Michigan in 1942 to the end of the war, including photos of the Sergeant himself, a number of aircraft in differing stages of assembly, and a letter from the Coast Guard telling him to stop taking pictures in restricted areas.

Vis 35