First man on the Moon

Postage stamp
Date of appearance: September 9, 1969
Issuer: US Postal Service (ex US Post Office Department)
Designer: Paul Calle
Made in: USA
Price value: 10 cents
Tags: space

The stamp displays astronaut Neil Amstrong stepping out of the Apollo 11 lunar module “Eagle” on July 21 1969. Armstrong himself is not honored “by portrayal” in accordance with U.S. Postal Service criteria pertaining to postage stamps not honoring living people. This issue was the first jumbo-sized US commemorative stamp, and at the time it one of the first US stamps mass-marketed as collectors item to non-collectors. However, as with most items promoted as ‘collectors items’, this stamp (and related philatelic products and souvenirs such as FDC/First Day Covers) exist in such large quantities that only specimens that have something ‘wrong’ (such as above) are worth more than the paper they were printed on. Nearly 9 million of the covers were processed, surpassing any other stamp release to that date and even beating the 1993 Elvis stamp, the most popular U.S. commemorative stamp of all time based on the number saved, which had three million fewer covers requested.

First man on the Moon
Set of 4 stamps
The painting for the stamp made by Paul Calle
Pencil sketch by Paul Calle