Rock-Ola Model 1422

Date of appearance: 1946
Trademark: Rock-Ola
Made in: USA
Dimensions: 30 × 25 × 58 in
Materials: Wood, Plastic
Colors: Brown, Yellow
Tags: music

During World War II, Rock-Ola led the industry in telephone-line music transmission systems. This was very popular because it allowed for many selections to be offered at a time when jukebox manufacturing was nearly halted because of the war effort. He produced also rifles (M1) and ammunition. After World War II, the jukebox industry was booming. Boys were coming home and it was party time. Wurlitzer came out with the model 1015, probably the most popular jukebox of all time, and Rock-Ola introduced the “Magic Glow” series, including Model 1422.

Rock-Ola Model 1422