HL 70

Desk fan
Date of appearance: 1971
Trademark: Braun
Manufacturer: Braun AG
Designer: Reinhold Weiss, Jurgen Greubel
Made in: Frankfurt, Germany
Dimensions: 107 × 151 × 80 mm
Materials: plastic
Colors: white
Tags: braun

The design is a revision of Weiss' iconic HL 1 Multiwind desk fan issued a decade earlier, registering Braun's shift of the late 60's from 'New Objectivism' towards what might be called technological expressivism. Pristine white replaces the austere palate of greys; form is reduced to the primitive cylinder; functional controls are simplified; a transparent cradle, giving a gravity defying appearance, replaces the fixed stem and base arrangement of the earlier design. An example is held in the MoMA permanent collection.

HL 70