Unifile Twiggy drive prototype

Floppy drive
Date of appearance: 1983
Trademark: Apple
Made in: USA

Created in 1983, the Unifile Twiggy floppy drive was a double-sided drive that had heads on opposite sides of the spindle instead of opposing each other as conventional drives did. It also used unconventional floppy media, named “FileWare”, with two cutouts instead of one. Fileware Twiggy Disks offered the unheard of capacity of over 800k and the Unifile was announced by Apple but was never shipped before the program was canceled. They were intended to be for the Apple II and Apple III computers but the Twiggy drive was only ever used in the Lisa I. Many drives were made but ultimately the product was cancelled and most of the units were destroyed.

Unifile Twiggy drive prototype