Macintosh 128k Twiggy Mac prototype

Desktop computer
Date of appearance: 1983
Trademark: Apple
Made in: USA

The first Mac (Macintosh 128k) computer was originally planned to be released with a Twiggy floppy disk drive, similar to the one used in the Apple Lisa 1 computer, which was announced in January 1983. Steve Jobs’ vision was to maximize the amount of his own company’s intellectual property in the new machine, and he was adamant right to the end that the Macintosh should use Steve Wozniak’s design of a floppy drive, rather than one from a third party. High error rates with the Twiggy disk drive though forced Apple to switch over to the 400k Sony 3.5″ disk drive in the last two or three months before the Macintosh’s scheduled release on January 24th 1984.

Macintosh 128k Twiggy Mac prototype