New Orleans

Date of appearance: 1999
Designer: Ron Arad

Ron Arad 'NEW ORLEANS' ARMCHAIR pigmented polyester reinforced with fibreglass painted '3' to the seat back and to the reverse, moulded 'Ron Arad London 99' to reverse and etched signature 'Ron Arad' 94cm. high by 134cm. wide; 3ft 2in., 4ft 4¾in. designed 1999, handmade by Ron Arad for The Gallery Mourmans, number 3 from one of the two limited editions of 9 LITERATURE Matthew Collings, Ron Arad talks to Matthew Collings, London, 2004, pp. 8-9, 81-85 Ron Arad: No Discipline, Centre Pompidou, exhibition catalogue, 2008, pp. 110-111 CATALOGUE NOTE The form of Ron Arad's 1999 'New Orleans' armchair is taken from that of his 1988 'Big Easy' design. The title of the original design carries New Orleans' nickname 'Big Easy'. Each 'New Orleans' is individually made out of paint, built up layer by layer from the outside in, rather than being cut from steel. "Every time I was about to paint one I'd have a plan of what I was going to do, and in the end it was never remotely like that' Ron Arad(Collings, p. 81)

New Orleans