Date of appearance: April 2015
Trademark: United Nude and 3D Systems
Collection: Re-Inventing Shoes
Designer: Fernando Romero
Circulation: 50 pieces
Materials: ABS plastic
Colors: red
Tags: 3dprintedshoes, featured

United Nude, a leading footwear brand, and 3D Systems, the inventor’s and leaders of 3D Printing, have joined forces for a major collaboration project + exhibition, which has been launched at Salone del Mobile 2015 in Milan. A selected group of 5 of the worlds leading architects and designers are exploring and challenging 3D printing technology by designing 3D printed ladies high heels. The Re-Inventing Shoes project is about exploring and pushing the boundaries of this rapidly developing technology by creating shoes with the largest amount of sculptural freedom. The production method used is the highest quality of 3D printing (SelectiveLaser Sintering) in a hard Nylon and all-new soft Rubber material. United Nude have figured out a way to combine harder and softer 3D printed parts for creating fully functioning shoes. Each shoe is available as a up to 50 pair limited edition.