Muselar Virginal

Date of appearance: 1995
Author: John Philips
Made in: USA
Materials: Black Oak, Bone, Parchment
Colors: Brown, Blue, White
Tags: music, virginal

Muselar virginal is indeed based on the 1650 Ioannes Couchet, preserved in the Vleeshuis in Antwerp. John Philips added two split accidentals in the bass to allow for both the original C/E short octave and the F# and G# occasionally necessary for Elizabethan music. This is the last surviving virginal of any sort built by a member of the Ruckers family. The muselar design was mostly solidified by Couchet's uncle, Ioannes Ruckers, by the 1620's, so this is an extremely conservative instrument for 1650.

Muselar Virginal