Octave Spinet

Date of appearance: 1950
Author: Robert Goble
Made in: Great Britain
Materials: Oak, Gold Leaf, Spruce, Beech
Colors: Brown, Dark Brown
Tags: music

This octave spinet was made in 1950 by Robert Goble (1903-1994), one of Britain's leading harpsichord builders since the late 1940s. Goble was a pupil of Arnold Dolmetsch (1858-1940), the great pioneer of the early music revival from about 1890, and he established his own business in 1937. Goble called these small instruments 'Octavinas' and fitted them with a range of four octaves. They were inscribed by his wife, Elizabeth (1907-1981), a professional harpsichord player and accomplished calligrapher.

Octave Spinet