Rectangular Ottavino Virginal

Date of appearance: 1676
Author: Giovanni Battista Mabierani
Made in: Italy
Materials: Wood, Metal
Colors: Light Brown, White, Black
Tags: music

Unlike most Italian virginals except for some made in Naples, the tuning pins are placed at the rear left of the instrument rather than along the right side. Also, like some Neapolitan virginals, the nut over which the strings pass at their left-hand end is placed on the wrestplank into which the tuning pins are placed. This means that the nut has solid wood underneath it and cannot vibrate. It therefore does not contribute to the sound of the instrument. The boxslide in which the jacks move is beside and glued to the near side of the wrestplank. There are two vertically-placed braces glued to the baseboard and to the front and back case walls at either side of the keyboard just behind the inside edges of the keywell sides. Other than this there is no internal framing.

Rectangular Ottavino Virginal