Schiedmayer 5 Octave Celesta

Date of appearance: 1886
Author: Johann Lorenz Schiedmayer
Made in: Stuttgart, Germany
Materials: Wood, Metal
Colors: Light Brown, Black, White
Tags: music, celesta

Schiedmayer Celesta GmbH is today the only firm worldwide that builds celestas according to the original construction and specifications of its inventor, Victor Mustel. The firm of Schiedmayer wishes to take this opportunity to point out that there unfortunately have been and continue to be offered for sale, instruments called “celestas”, which, however, do not correspond to the spatial and mechanical specifications of Mustel, and are, therefore, not true celestas. Among others, the Japanese firm Yamaha – formerly a customer of the Schiedmayer factory – has been producing since 1993 a new instrument with a grand piano mechanism (a different mechanism from that which Mustel specified for the sound production) which it calls “celesta.” In this new instrument the sound plates are struck from below, as in a piano. The Wendlingen firm of Schiedmayer Celesta GmbH has no objection competition when it is fair. Industry insiders know that each musical instrument has its own construction specifications and with it, its own name. A spinet, for instance, is not a harpsichord, a clarinet not an oboe, and a guitar not a lute. The worldwide success of the Schiedmayer celestas comes as a result of a combination of the exclusive use of the best materials with knowledgeable and dedicated craftsmanship, together with over 120 years of experience in the production of celestas. On the International Stage Worldwide, there is hardly an orchestra, opera house, theater, music academy, recording studio or broadcasting studio where the Schiedmayer instruments cannot be heard. Accordingly, the enterprise has delivered instruments to such well known and prestigious orchestras and halls as the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, the New York PhilharmonicOrchestra, the Stuttgart Opera House, the London Symphony Orchestra, the Juilliard School of Music, the Stuttgart State Academy for Music and Representative Arts, the Vienna State Opera and the Opera House in Shanghai. The Norwegian band “a-ha” and the orchestra of André Rieu have ordered their celestas from Schiedmayer as well. Even in remote southern hemisphere locations, such as Frutillar Bajo in Chile and Hobart in Tasmania Schiedmayer instruments can be found today. Bell Percussion is the only UK hire company that have Schiedmayer celestas available within the UK.

Schiedmayer 5 Octave Celesta
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