P 602

Date of appearance: 1971
Trademark: olivetti

OLIVETTI. P 602 Microcomputer. Italy: Olivetti, ca. 1971. A desktop microcomputer, 18½ x 20¼ inches, 7¼ inches tall in back, sloping to 5¼ inches tall in front. Putty colored plastic & metal with grey, red, pink and turquoise button panels, 4 large turquoise switches reading "Record Prog", "Print Prog", "Single Step", and "Second Side", number pad with 12 buttons, small round reset button, small square "KB CL" and "KB REL" buttons, 23 small round mathematical function buttons, 2 number dials, larger rectangular "Start S" button, printer paper output panel. 2½ crack to rear panel, otherwise very good. With manuals. An early microcomputer.

P 602