AX - 1C - 1

Date of appearance: June 1965
Manufacturer: David Clark Company
Tags: nasa, space

GEMINI-ERA DEVELOPMENTAL SPACE SUIT GLOVE. Glove for the pressure garment assembly, manufactured by David Clark Company in June 1965. High tenacity nylon, rubberized fabric, steel, with wrist disconnects of anodized aluminum. Strap and buckle adjustments around the wrist and palm, and steel retention bars across the palm and by the base of the thumb, all prevent pressurized ballooning of the glove. First and second fingertips feature wire "fingernails" and miniature lights, powered by a battery pack held in a velcro-sealed pocket on the back of the hand. Label inside gives NASA designation "AX-1C-1," part number "XA-2367," and serial number "101," as well as date. Thumb with cloth tape repair. Together with Apollo-era suit wrist disconnect. Similar to the G-4-C gloves used on Gemini 6 and 7. The fingertip lights are a particularly interesting element, allowing the astronaut to navigate his way around instrument panels when his spacecraft is in the shadow of the Earth.

AX - 1C - 1