Atlas rocket

Date of appearance: 1962 — 1963
Tags: nasa, space

ATLAS ROCKET MODEL. Model of the Atlas rocket made by Topping of Akron, OH. The 18-inch tall rocket is made of injection-molded plastic with an 8-inch diameter base. A circular metal plate on the base reads: "General Dynamics Astronautics. Atlas ICBM and Space Launch Vehicle for USAF and NASA Programs." With interchangeable payloads: as illustrated, a silver cap covers a launch escape tower and Mercury capsule; the spacecraft and tower can be swapped out for a plain point to show the Atlas in Intercontinental Ballistic Missile configuration. The Atlas rocket provided sufficient thrust to place the Mercury spacecraft into Earth orbit. Four manned orbital missions were made using the Mercury Atlas combination during 1962 and 1963. SALEROOM NOTICES This lot is offered without reserve.

Atlas rocket