Munchen 1972

Date of appearance: 1972
Designer: Oti Aicher
Theme: Olympic games
Dimensions: 590 × 840 mm
Tags: olympicgames, olympic

Olympic Games official posters A collection of 15 offset lithographic posters, including the official Olympic poster designed by Oti Aicher 840 x 590mm (33 x 23 1/4in) (SH) and fourteen painters' posters by Hockney, Hartung, Marini, Poliakoff, Kitaj, Albers, Wesselman, Max Bill, D'Arcangelo, Kokoschka, Lapique, Otmar Alt, Jan Lenica and Fritz Winter; each 1100 x 635mm (39 3/4 x 25in) (SH) (15).

Munchen 1972