Summa 15

Date of appearance: 1949
Trademark: Olivetti
Manufacturer: Olivetti
Made in: Italy
Designer: Marcello Nizzoli, Natale Capellaro
Dimensions: 255 × 350 × 150 mm

Marcello Nizzoli designed this mechanical desktop calculator in collaboration with ‘the mechanic’ Natale Capellaro. The ergonomic design has resulted in a device that offers a fluid movement for the operator’s hand in the performance of a function. After an amount is entered, the operator’s hand moves toward the lever with the thumb setting the yellow joystick to the required operation as it passes. The lever is then pulled forward and released. In 1936, the same year that Nizzoli became Olivetti’s chief design consultant, artist and graphic designer Giovanni Pintori also joined Olivetti. Nizzoli and Pintori worked on architectural, product and publicity design. Olivetti posters project an image of the company and seldom focus on the purpose of its products. This poster by Pintori is composed of numeric characters, with the company name only emerging on closer inspection.

Summa 15