Autoloading rifle
Date of appearance: 2015
Trademark: Kalashnikov USA
Manufacturer: RWC Group LLC
Made in: USA
Weight: 3597 g
Colors: black
Barrel lenght: 414 mm
Caliber: 7.62 x 39

Rugged And Reliable Rifles. The Kalashnikov USA autoloading rifle is based on the rugged Kalashnikov design. In the AK line of rifles, this timeless design utilizes a proven gas piston system, rotary bolt, and very few internal parts that provide the reliability that Izhmash has delivered for over 60 years. Nitrocarburized case hardened barrel and chamber provide an extended life and corrosion resistance. The drift-able post front sight with protective ears is adjustable for windage and elevation. The notched side catch with bar rear leaf sight is adjustable for elevation. The rear sight has presets for 109, 218, and 328 yards. The comfortable, ergonomic operating handle makes charging the firearm effortless. The spring-loaded magazine release provides for quick magazine changes. The elongated selector handle allows for a smooth transition from safe to semi-auto. Includes one detachable magazine.