Autoloading rifle
Date of appearance: 2015
Trademark: Kalashnikov USA
Manufacturer: RWC Group LLC
Made in: USA
Product code: US132Z
Dimensions: 965.2 mm
Weight: 3820 g
Colors: black

The US132Z brings the Russian AK74 into the 21st Century with designed functional modularity. The transformation of the reliable AK74 into a modern firearm is effectuated by replacing the AK74 type furniture with CAA furniture to enhance the capabilities of the firearm. Now the operator has a six position collapsible stock with a vertically and horizontally adjustable cheek piece to provide a cheek weld that is in line with the sights and rail. The ergonomic pistol grip has six different sized rubberized interchangeable finger grooves and backstraps providing a comfortable and sure grip for all hand sizes plus a capped storage compartment. The hand guard has been replaced by one with four Picatinny rails to facilitate the mounting of lights, lasers and optics. In addition, the US132Z includes an ergonomic forward grip with storage, a vented rubber backstrap and tool-less installation. An extended ambidextrous magazine release wraps around the trigger guard to provide precious time saving magazine changes from either side of the carbine.

US132Z (slant muzzle).jpg