Autoloading shotgun
Date of appearance: 2015
Trademark: Kalashnikov USA
Manufacturer: RWC Group LLC
Made in: USA
Product code: US109T
Weight: 3747 g
Colors: black

The popularity of the AK 12 ga. shotgun stems from the reliability of its gas piston system design, the economical use of parts combined with a detachable magazine for quick reloading. Kalashnikov USA improves on the timeless AK-47 design by adding the features you want in a tactical shotgun. In our 922(r) conversion Kalashnikov USA welds our proprietary muzzle brake onto a shortened barrel so the overall barrel length remains at 18.25”. The muzzle brake is designed to significantly reduce recoil, felt concussion and muzzle rise. The gas port and gas block are enlarged to improve functioning with all loads, the forend is vented to increase barrel cooling. A multi-sized pistol grip is added to increase firearm control. The inclusion of a six position collapsible skeletonized butt stock with removable butt pad with an over-molded rubber cheek weld increases user comfort while reducing the overall firearm weight. The results speak for themselves, a comfortable, more controllable, more reliable shotgun that feels like you are shooting light 20 ga. shells instead of 12 ga. hunting loads. This combination of comfort, control and reliability make the Kalashnikov USA tactical shotgun perfect for tactical, three gun, and other shooting sports.