Sputnik Four-tap delay/Dual crossfader

Modular synthesizer
Date of appearance: 2014
Trademark: Sputnik Modular
Manufacturer: Sputnik Modular Inc.
Designer: Roman Filippov, Dmitriy Churikov
Made in: Portland, Oregon, USA
Dimensions: 126.76 × 128.5 × 40 mm
Format: Eurorack

The Sputnik Four-tap delay/Dual crossfader is a modular digital delay with patch points that allow you to create a variety of time-based effects from extreme cross-modulation to subtle, tape-like warble. The delay features a three input mixer summed to the delay section. Delay time is variable between approximately 0.05-.2 seconds or .5 seconds to 2 seconds in X10 mode. Delay time can be further modified by the CV and FM inputs. The delay then outputs four taps from the different time intervals in the delay line, which can then be used for feedback patch- ing (like a feedback knob on a typical delay pedal) or patched into one of the two voltage controlled crossfaders (for use in feedback patching or as a wet/dry mix).

Sputnik Four-tap delay/Dual crossfader