Sputnik Oscillator

Modular synthesizer
Date of appearance: 2014
Trademark: Sputnik Modular
Manufacturer: Sputnik Modular Inc.
Designer: Roman Filippov, Dmitriy Churikov
Made in: Portland, Oregon, USA
Dimensions: 86.12 × 128.5 × 28 mm

The Sputnik Oscillator is a voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) with a dynamic linear frequency modulation (FM) input and a unique variable waveform section. Wave shape outputs include sine, triangle, sub-octave pulse (2 octaves below the primary frequency), and variable waveshape. The waveshape out is a crossfader between a sine wave and either square or ramp wave via control voltage (0V to +5V) or a front panel knob. Both the waveshape section’s square and ramp have a distinctive harmonic character different from most VCOs. The Oscillator’s FM section has an input for linear FM. The FM section’s range and control knob allows a spectrum of responses from subtle pitch modulation to complete chaos.

Sputnik Oscillator