Sputnik 6-channel stereo mixer

Modular synthesizer
Date of appearance: 2014
Trademark: Sputnik Modular
Manufacturer: Sputnik Modular Inc.
Designer: Roman Filippov, Dmitriy Churikov
Made in: Portland, Oregon, USA
Dimensions: 116.6 × 128.5 × 40 mm

The SPUTNIK 6-CHANNEL STEREO MIXER is a six channel stereo mixer with two channels of voltage control panning. Each channel features mute switches and volume control knobs. Four channels have stereo control via standard panning knobs and two channels have input jacks for CV panning (0V to +5V, Ch. 1 is normalled left and Ch. 6 is normalled right) with LED indicators for stereo position. The mixer has a variety of outs including a direct mono out (a mono mix of all inputs summed pre-fader), a stereo headphone output with volume knob, and two dedicated 1/8” stereo outs with a 16 LED VU meter.

Sputnik 6-channel stereo mixer