Sputnik West Coast Random Source

Modular synthesizer
Date of appearance: 2015
Trademark: Sputnik Modular
Manufacturer: Sputnik Modular Inc.
Designer: Roman Filippov, Dmitriy Churikov
Made in: Portland, Oregon, USA
Dimensions: 157.24 × 128.5 × 28 mm

The Sputnik West Coast Random Source is a complex, digitally- controlled, multi-functional source of unpredictable analog voltages. The WCRS has six distinct sections: Fluctuating Random Voltages (FRV), quantized Random Voltages (QRV) Stored Random Voltages (SRV), Noise Source, Sample & Hold (S+H), voltage controlled Integrator. The WCRS is designed to produce a wide variety of variable speed, pulse- clocked, and slewed random control voltages.

Sputnik West Coast Random Source