Date of appearance: 2008
Trademark: Rane
Manufacturer: Rane Corp.
Made in: USA
Dimensions: 133 × 483 × 135 mm
Weight: 5000 g
Materials: steel
Colors: black

The MP2016S is a classic rotary mixer featuring six stereo Input Channels, Booth and House Outputs, Pre-Effects Tape Outputs, Post-Effects Tape Outputs with level control, switchable Effects Loop, and headphone cueing. Input Channels 1 through 4 feature high quality RIAA phono preamplifiers which may be switched to line. Input Channels 5 and 6 each provide a balanced mic preamp with Input Gain trim, Mic/Line switch, two-band EQ, Mic Engage switch and an internal Booth Ducking enable jumper. In addition to the six dedicated preamplifiers, all six input channels may select any of the five stereo auxiliary inputs. With the flip of a switch on the MP2016S front panel, you can engage the optional XP2016S External Processor and acquire dedicated Accelerated-Slope, 3-band, isolator tone controls for each of the six stereo Input channels, A-Post-B Crossfader Assign switches for all six Input channels, a high-performance Active Crossfader™ with full range Contour control, and a stereo 10-segment peak dBu Master/Cue Meter with peak hold.