Black Line

Date of appearance: April 7, 2015
Trademark: Jealousy Brand Clothes
Collection: For the first and the last dates FW15
Designer: Tanu Muino
Made in: Ukraine
Materials: 60% polyester, 40% cotton
Colors: white, black

Off-white slip-on sleeveless knee length dress with V cut-out at the back and printed black swirly lines. The main inspiration of Jealousy's FW 2015-16 collection is songs by Australian musician Chet Faker which designer Tanu Muino is putting on dresses, trousers and tops in the form of embroidery and graphic slogan prints. Unambiguous inscriptions and traditional brand’s sexuality takes on a new character by virtue of the use of neoprene and supplex which designer uses to create free line tops, aprons and dresses. The colour palette of the collection is restrained and romantic with yellow, black and violet faux fur highlights. Leather wrapped coats, gowns and extremely short skirts look slightly ironic, like outfits for cinematic homewreckers and heartbreakers. FW 2015-16 collection as if balanced on the brink between vulgarity and deliberate innocence. The designer presents special outfits for the first and last dates, showing a new desperate and uncompromising sexuality which can cause as sincere admiration as sincere jealousy.

Black Line