Комар -2М

Date of appearance: 1970 — 1975
Made in: USSR
Tags: space, spaceussr

2. The flown rescue equipment is a cosmonaut survival radio and beacon having a metal base unit 6 x 4½ x 2 inches, housing electrical components of the radio and beacon with markings that read in part (translated): "Bottle Discharge ... on the metal base unit." Additional markings on a white band along an approximately 12 inch diameter inflatable spherical base of the buoy reads: "KOMAR – 2M No. 08800-10886700." A bright orange inflatable triangular cone buoy approximately 20 inches tall is attached to the sphere which can be inflated automatically or manually. The base has two pull strings and a 12 inch long power umbilical. Included is a 6 inch long orange sleeve that contains an articulated antenna and additional equipment. The inflated buoy would float in case of an emergency landing on water. The beacon and radio were still useful if the spacecraft touchdown occurred in a remote land area to assist search and rescue crews. The antenna case and buoy sphere have been SIGNED by ALEKSEI GUBAREV and were issued to him for use on Soyuz 17. Gubarev was selected as a cosmonaut in 1963 and Soyuz 17 was his first space flight, flying with cosmonaut Georgi Grechko. They docked their Soyuz 17 spacecraft to the orbiting Salyut 4 space station and worked for over 29 days during January/February 1975. His second spaceflight was Soyuz 28 in 1978.

Комар -2М