Date of appearance: October 2013
Trademark: Syndicate Original
Designer: Masha Reva
Collaboration: Syndicate Original x Masha Reva
Collection: Odessa Series 2013
Made in: Kiev, Ukraine
Dimensions: 480 × 700 mm
Materials: 100% cotton, flex inserts
Tags: mashareva, syndicate

Odessa Series is the second collaboration between young designer Masha Reva and Syndicate of Kiev. The concept of Odessa Series is about a new take on Ukrainian kitsch and an ironical view on how Ukrainians desire to look luxurious. By presenting paradoxical elements within the imagery such as an enormously expensive jewelry-piece from Christie’s auction, placed next to a cheap vintage brooch found on an Odessa flea market, perfectly define the elements which now seem to make up a contemporary Ukrainians fashion DNA.