Chantal Meteor 200

Date of appearance: 1959
Trademark: Derac
Made in: Switzerland
Materials: Plastic, Glass, Metal
Colors: Silver, Black, Red
Tags: music

Designed by Jean Foufounais and Andre Deviaz and named after Jean’s wife Chantal, the Chantal Meteor jukebox was launched at a Paris trade show in 1954. The first Chantal Meteor was manufactured in France and featured 120 selections with the 60 discs arranged in two rows, but seeing the potential in a machine that held more selections, a new “revolving doughnut” mechanism was installed. The jukebox was re-launched as the Chantal Meteor 200 and production moved to Lausanne, Switzerland. The jukebox was manufactured here from 1956 to 1961, but after only five years of production the Chantal Meteor factory was destroyed by fire. Property of National Museum of Scotland.

Chantal Meteor 200