Woodblock print
Date of appearance: 1820 — 1856
Artist: Utagawa Hiroshige
Dimensions: 240 × 358 mm
Tags: japanart, ukiyo-e

Utagawa Hiroshige (1797-1856) One woodblock print Oban tate-e; from the series Meisho Edo hyakkei (100 Famous Views of Edo), entitled Ryogoku hanabi (Fireworks at Ryogoku), signed Hiroshige ga, left margin with date seal (1858.8), publisher cartouche of Uoya Eikichi, and red collector's seal reading Iwafuji - early impression, very good color, right and bottom margins partially trimmed FOOTNOTES Another impression published in Henry Smith, Hiroshige: One Hundred Famous Views of Edo, New York, 1986, number 98. According to Dr. Smith, the distant shore should reveal a finely detailed depiction of trees and buildings as in this impression. The halo of light around the bursting fireworks also disappears in later editions of this print.