La Casa Mobile

Toy car
Date of appearance: April 2010
Trademark: TobeUs
Collection: TobeUs Limited Edition
Designer: Mario Bellini
Manufacturer: Mastro Giovanni
Made in: Brianza, Italy
Quantity: 99
Introductory price: €98
Dimensions: 160 × 85 × 75 mm
Weight: 265 g
Materials: cedar of Lebanon, mahogany
Tags: tobeus, mariobellini

La Casa Mobile toy car designed by Mario Bellini is a part of TobeUs Limited Edition collection, arranged by Italian designer Matteo Ragni. Each toy car of the collection Limited Edition is marked and numbered. "When I was 9 my first creation: a house, a real house made of brick in which you could went in and play, there was also a little fireplace. Growing up, I’ve started the experiments with the vehicles, in which I tried to recreate the sense of welcome you can find in the living room. The Kar-a-Sutra, a car thinly different, whom would to avoid every references to the caravans, often freaky miniatures of the legendary holiday home. The Transporter Volkswagen in which I’ve travelled all around the world with my family, it was a mobile living room where you could chatting, take a cup of tea, listening to the music, relaxing or simply enjoying the landscape through the windows. When I realized the TobeUs model maybe I had this memories in my mind: the kid brick-case, the adult mobile living rooms." — Mario Bellini

La Casa Mobile
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