Date of appearance: 2011
Designer: Zaha Hadid
Manufacturer: Sawaya & Moroni
Made in: Milan, Italy
Quantity: 24 pieces
Dimensions: 920 × 880 × 610 mm
Materials: polished stainless steell
Colors: chrome
Tags: featured

The design of the Z-Chair Chair summarizes the essence of contemporary design and the research developed by Zaha Hadid Architects over the last three decades. A simple three-dimensional gesture zigzags in the space as part of the continued discourse between form and function, elegance and utility, differentiation and continuity. Geometric abstractions inform the design’s linear loop, which is articulated along its path in a language that alternates thin wire streams and large surfaces to provide both ergonomic affordances and inherent stability to the overall shape. The dichotomy between the elegance of the composition and its articulation is negotiated through a subtle play of contrasting angular corners and wide, smooth curves. The resulting form echoes the calligraphic gestures of Hadid’s two-dimensional works; a controlled brush stroke on a canvas, the perfect synthesis of an idea: the sketch.