Rubis T-7

Radio receiver
Date of appearance: 1966
Trademark: Mashpriborintorg
Manufacturer: Sarapul Radio Factory
Made in: USSR
Weight: g
Colors: grey, creme
Tags: redwealth, moscowdesignmuseum

The first soviet portable transistor radio set Dorozhny was created in 1956 and resembled a suitcase. In the late 1950s some more compact models were introduced, namely Surprize, Sputnik, Progress, and Athmosphera. The scientific progress of 1960s caused a trend toward miniaturization of technical devices. The 1962 prototype of the Cosmos (Space) radio set by Sarapul Radio Factory could already fit an adult palm. The prototype was better than the 1963 production model both in terms of design and technical parameters, but the standard box-shape was chosen for the production. A year after Rubis radio appeared, although it’s design was alike Cosmos (Space) radio, but it’s size was twice smaller!

Rubis T-7