Film camera
Date of appearance: 1960
Product family: Iskra
Manufacturer: Krasnogorsk Mechanical Factory
Made in: Krasnogorsk, USSR
Quantity: 38722 pieces
Dimensions: 152 × 110 × 48 mm
Weight: 925 g
Materials: aluminium
Tags: redwealth, moscowdesignmuseum

Soviet medium format rangefinder camera Iskra was produced in 1960—1963 on Krasnogorsk mechanical factory. The design of "Iskra" is based on the German camera Zeiss Super Ikonta IV. Had an aluminum body with a sliding fur, combined rangefinder viewfinder, automatic frame counter. Base 55 mm rangefinder increase 0,74h. The back cover is removable. Lens Industar-58 3.5 / 75 with excerpts 1c - 1/500 + B. Limit focus - from 1m to infinity. There were self-timer, sync, and from the double lock of exposure. Iskra (Spark from Russian) camera was named in honor of the underground newspaper of the Bolsheviks.