Kometa MG-201 M

Tape recorder
Date of appearance: 1968
Manufacturer: Novosibirsk Factory for Precise Engineering (TochMash)
Made in: Novosibirsk, USSR
Introductory price: 200 rubles
Dimensions: 360 × 370 × 120 mm
Weight: 10 kg
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Kometa MG-201 M is a wired tape recorder of class II, is an upgrade of a previous model Kometa MG-201. The first 1950’s mass-produced vaccum-tube tape recorders had wooden bodies, like popular MAG-8 and Dnepr-10. In 1960’s the new transistor tape recorders had gotten a standard look and plastic or metal bodies, like Chaika, Cometa MG-201 and others. In 1970’s-1980’s some less-expensive upper-class tape recorders were available, Electronica-004, Olimp and Mayak among them. From the collection of Moscow Design Museum.

Kometa MG-201 M
Front panel
Magazine advertisment
Schematic circuit diagram