Date of appearance: 1969
Product family: Akkord
Designer: Adolf Irbite
Manufacturer: Chelyabinsk Radio Factory
Made in: Chelyabinsk, USSR
Introductory price: 57.5 rubles
Dimensions: 392 × 315 × 158 mm
Weight: 9 kg
Materials: wood, metal
Tags: redwealth, moscowdesignmuseum

Electrophone Akkord consists of three-speed (78, 45 and 33 rev/min) player IIEPU-40, a transistor amplifier and remote acoustic system. It is designed for high-quality playback of all formats of records. Electrophone can be used as an amplifier with a radio receiver or tape recorder with a small power output. Pickup tubular structure has a pivoting head monaural piezoceramic SLC-661 with two corundum needles for playing LPs and conventional plates. The acoustic system has a speaker of type 4GD-28. From the collection of Moscow Design Museum.

Top panel
Front panel
Schematic circuit diagram