Vestnik PT-310

Wired radio receiver
Date of appearance: 1988
Manufacturer: Kursk Factory Mayak
Made in: Kursk, USSR
Introductory price: 20 rubles
Dimensions: 335 × 130 × 95 mm
Weight: 1.6 kg
Materials: plastic
Colors: red, black
Tags: redwealth, moscowdesignmuseum

Radio receiver Vestnik PT-310 is designed for the reception of three programs transmitted by wired network. The receiver provides reception channel audio frequency AF (1 program) to gain or not gain channel and radio frequency (RF) carrier frequencies to 78 kHz (2 programs) and 120 kHz (3 program). The receiver has an output signal for recording on the tape. The design of the receiver provides the ability to install it on a horizontal surface and vertical wall mounting. From the collection of Moscow Design Museum.

Vestnik PT-310