Radio receiver
Date of appearance: 1965
Trademark: Mashpriborintorg
Made in: Minsk, USSR
Manufacturer: Angstrem Factory and Minsk Radio Factory
Introductory price: 12 rubles
Dimensions: 45 × 30 × 13 mm
Weight: 27 g
Colors: black, white
Tags: redwealth, moscowdesignmuseum

The Angstrem factory in Zelenograd had started the mass production of Micro, Era-2M and Mayak-1 miniaturized radio sets in 1965. The sets were a matchbox-size. They were equipped with an external earphone or speaker and were made to receive the local radio stations. Their rechargeable battery provided working time of up to 12 hours. Inner glass-ceramic board is polished to a high grade purity. Under high vacuum through special stencils applied six layers of different materials which form of resistance wires, pads, plates and capacitors insulation. Supplied by rechargeable Ni-Cd accumulator. From the collection of Azat Romanov.

Front with headphone