Date of appearance: 1980
Manufacturer: Svoboda Factory
Made in: Moscow, USSR
Introductory price: 40 copecks
Dimensions: 50 × 80 × 30 mm
Weight: 100 g
Tags: redwealth, olympicgamesmoscow80, moscowdesignmuseum

The bear was chosen as a mascot by V Mire Jivotnix (In The World of Animals) TV show public opinion poll. The drawings competition held by the Olympic Committee gave no positive result. Some of the well-known Soviet book illustrators were called for help. Talented illustrator Victor Chizhikov created a strong, but friendly and hospitable little bear Misha. The character was drawn in an aquarelle technique to give it a soft and furry texture. It was the first time the Olympic mascot image was represented full-face rather than sidewise and it helped Mishka’s character to build a strong emotional connection with the Game’s visitors.