Avtosiphon A-1

Soda siphon
Date of appearance: 1968
Made in: Moscow, USSR
Introductory price: 14 rubles
Weight: g
Materials: stainless steel, glass
Colors: transparent, chrome
Tags: redwealth, moscowdesignmuseum

Avtosiphon is a container for the making and the storage of carbonated water and soft drinks. Avtosifon is a glass bottle reinforced with metal mesh with a screw on the head with a sink, and a holder for a container with liquid carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide pressure of 5 × 105 H/m² (5 atm). By rotating the holder hollow needle pierces the stopper and spray gas penetrates into the siphon. From the collection of Moscow Design Museum.

Avtosiphon A-1
Manual front cover
Avtosiphon scheme
Manual back cover