Lapka BAM White

Date of appearance: 2015
Trademark: Lapka
Product family: Lapka BAM
Manufacturer: Lapka Inc.
Designer: Vadik Marmeladov
Made in: Russia, China
Dimensions: 56 × 23 mm
Weight: g
Colors: white
Tags: lapka

Lapka BAM (Breath Alcohol Monitor) is a breathalyzer. It measures the amount of alcohol in your blood through your breath and connects with your phone to give you a reading. The device fits in your palm, and when you hold it in a fist, the edge of your hand becomes the mouthpiece. The device is wireless — no synchronization is required. It calibrates automatically and professionally via Lapka servers using your device ID. Lapka BAM works with selected Android devices, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch (iOS 7 and higher). The free app is available to download through the App Store and Google Play. Open the app and follow the onscreen instructions to immediately connect Lapka Breath Alcohol Monitor to your phone. Lapka BAM uses sound waves (inaudible clicks) to transmit data, which significantly lowers power consumption and increases battery life. You'll have to recharge it once every 1-2 months.

Lapka BAM White
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