Date of appearance: 2009
Trademark: Monroe
Designer: Josh Owen
Manufacturer: Monroe Systems for Business Inc.
Dimensions: 203.2 × 279.4 × 76.2 mm
Weight: 1.81 kg
Materials: plastic
Colors: black, green
Tags: featured

The Monroe 8125 challenges the notion that all products are engineered to employ some degree of planned obsolescence as a business strategy. Designed for commercial use, the 8125 is the latest in a line of adding machines which benefits from nearly a century of manufacturing and interactive experience with Monroe’s users. Monroe’s loyal customers are accustomed to owning their products for a long time. They are also accustomed to a unique customer service experience with Monroe that makes the operation, maintenance and upkeep of Monroe products easy. 8125 expands the functionality associated with previous Monroe models while adding a reduced desktop footprint, improved overall usability and a clear, rational form language which enhances clarity and performance.

Left side. Source: joshowen.com
Source: joshowen.com
Source: joshowen.com
Source: joshowen.com