instax mini 70

Instant film camera
Date of appearance: September 30, 2015
Trademark: Fujifilm
Product Line: Fujifilm instax mini, Fujifilm instax mini 70
Manufacturer: Fujifilm Corp.
Made in: China
Dimensions: 113.7 × 99.2 × 53.2 mm
Weight: 281 g
Materials: plastic
Colors: Canary Yellow
Tags: instax, polaroid, fujifilm, lomography, featured

Instax Mini 70 is an instant film camera by Fujifilm. which produce credit-card-size photos. The instax mini 70 has a variety of shooting modes which allow the user to enjoy photography in a variety of situations. While taking ‘selfie’ shots, users can choose the ‘Selfie’ mode to provide the appropriate brightness and shooting distance for their ‘selfie shots’ and use the Selfie mirror beside the lens to check their framing. Features such as the tripod mount and the self-timer function are perfect for group shots. In addition, the ‘Macro’ mode can be used for shots at a minimum of 30cm from the subject and the ‘Landscape’ mode is suitable for far away landscape pictures.

instax mini 70
Left side
Right side