Homedia concept

Date of appearance: 2013
Trademark: Smool
Designer: Robert Bronwasser
Made in: Netherlands
Dimensions: 1100 × 900 × 300 mm
Weight: g
Materials: aluminium, plastic, fabric
Colors: yellow, blue
Tags: featured

The Homedia concept brings TV to your home without letting the appliance dominate the room. Keeping it functional without forgetting about aesthetics. Although television technology has developed at a rapid pace, the exterior has remained almost unchanged for decades: a framed screen that was at most tolerated, but seldom admired in many a living room. The Homedia turns the TV back into a piece of furniture. Presented at the Milan Design Week 2013. Designed as a concept.

Homedia concept
Front, source: robertbronwasser.com
Angled view, source: robertbronwasser.com
Left side, source: robertbronwasser.com
Detail, source: robertbronwasser.com