The LT12

Tennis racket
Date of appearance: 2014 — 2015
Trademark: Lacoste
Circulation: 600
Product code: LABLT001
Weight: g
Materials: Wood 70%, Graphite 30%
Tags: lacostesport

LABLT001 Inspired by René Lacoste and The musketeers, who believed that true victory was to remain elegant whatever the effort, the LT12 reinvents the traditional racket by combining wood and graphite for the first time. With this rare object, Lacoste shares a unique vision of tennis and sport. A contemporary model that combines three kinds of wood (lime, walnut and balsa) with high modulus graphite engineered by aeronautics researchers. - Limited Edition: 600ex. - Unstrung tennis racket (Racket cover and line of rivets included) - Handle size: Size 2 / US size: 41/4 - Size: 3 / US size: 43/8 - Size 4 / US size: 41/2 - Size 5 / US size: 45/8

The LT12