Grand Tour

Date of appearance: 2015
Trademark: Projects Watches
Designer: Michael Graves
Dimensions: 25.5 × 8.45 × 47.8 mm
Weight: 1 lb
Materials: stainless steel mesh chain, band material leather
Colors: white, band color orange
Water resistance: 100 ft
Band Size: 18 mm
Tags: dualtimewatch,

Dual Time Zone Watch; The Grand Tour is the first for Architect Michael Graves. Grand Tour is filled with great details such as the numeral “1” representing one o’clock in the first or top watch and the number “2” representing 2 o’clock in the bottom watch. This way you can set your watch to not only the correct design choice, but, choose which is your number 1 or 2 favorite zone….home or away! Dual Time Zone Watch; The Grand Tour for PROJECTS with its dual time-zone face is designed to keep the international traveler on time no matter where in the world one is traveling whether it’s for business or for the pleasure of discovering the world’s great architectural treasures. Dual Time Zone Watch; The Grand Tour is available with a white dial and a burnt orange band or a black dial with a black leather band. Or, if you can think of another color band to put on, just ask us! Looking carefully at Grand Tour you will notice not only the obvious of the two zones, but the subtle detail of one 1 and watch 2 so you are never confused as to where you are. Perfect for the person who crosses time zones frequently or for keeping track of those in another time zone! Grand Tour measures 25.5mm W x 47.8mm H (1″ x 1.88″) and is 8.45mm high (0.33″). It is made of stainless steel, complimented by a 18mm leather band (0.70”) with coordinating stitching, and is water-resistant to 100ft.

Grand Tour